Monday, 30 December 2013

Replies cosmetic surgery on cellulite

Aesthetic surgeons Professor. Mislav Gjurić and doc. Zoran Zgaljardic reveal that invasive and non-invasive medical methods most effective in removing cellulite. Recommend laser lipolysis - a modern version of liposuction, but point out that in some cases, to reduce cellulite, do not remove more fat, but it also add it to fill cavities in the skin

The solutions that cosmetic surgery offers to problems with cellulite talked with the doc. PhD Zoran ŽGALJARDIĆ, a specialist in maxillofacial and cosmetic surgery center cosmetic surgery from Dr. Zgaljardic , located in Vila Nova Elite on the road 46b in Opatija, and more recently, has a branch in Zagreb, at the Saint Lower 46c.for more details visit here

He says the combination of a variety of surgical and aparativnih techniques, as well as lifestyle changes, can lead to better and more lasting results than using only one method for reducing cellulite. Among the more invasive methods highlights the modern version of liposuction - Laser lipolysis, in which the melting of fat tissue using a laser that passes under the skin.

Improvement was significant after surgery and immediately visible, but to maintain the new layout dr Zgaljardic recommended administration of a non-invasive techniques, such as radio frequencies with a massage, for example Vela Smooth device.for more information go to my webpage 

Noninvasive medical methods
"Such techniques in the initial stages of cellulite, or with thinner people may be sufficient to solve the problem. Deep massage leads to improved blood circulation and lymph flow, which stimulates the metabolism and elimination of toxins, and infrared light and radiofrequency otapapamo stubborn fat pads trapped in the connective tissue . This results in improving appearance of those parts of the body affected by cellulite, and these are usually the legs, hips, abdomen and back. "
However, warns Dr. Zgaljardic, non-invasive methods used are not sufficient to solve the problem completely, so people remain disappointed.

He points out that even before the selection of adequate methods to remove cellulite it is important to look at all the medical condition and identify the causes of cellulite, because he, for example, may be due to poor venous circulation , so it is necessary to act on the cause of the problem.

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