Friday, 27 December 2013

Cosmetic Medicine From Anti – Cellulite

On that day we are all more or less cosmetic medicine offers many techniques and retention against cellulite. But today we will discuss, under my experience, an aesthetic practice that combines a variety of four techniques. This combination of techniques, the visible effects of short-term, virtually painless and provides three levels: lipolisis, fluid drainage and muscle toning

The technique is divided into four parts:
Electro arousal by Mesotherapy: Apply a mixture of natural ingredients, but the advantage is that the needle is not needed  Grants through the skin penetration with a constant current pulses, as applied to the intensity, higher or lower percentage of absorption into the dermis   Contains a mixture of active substances and lipolytic draining. A very troublesome electrode contact with the skin and causes redness is normal, because the temperature increase  for more details vsit here

Lymphatic Massage: The currents after stimulation, we are trying to do lymphatic massage specialist, active aid to the above mixture   This massage is to mobilize fat, adiposities by publication available to the circuit nodes   These techniques can also benefit from massage available liquids
Lightning - request: Now play a few minutes of relaxation   And the use of a conductive gel electrodes, we applied ultrasonic, whose influences impinge on the fat cells   Remember, lightning, able to change the structure of adiposities to break down the fat and the effect of liberalization   In this way it is easier to destroy
Passive Gym : The last step, toning muscles  After releasing the accumulated grease and liquid, it is important to keep the cake from the fat back to toning muscles   Electrical stimulation of the muscles receive about forty minutes we're dealing with   Exercise causes us to passive muscle fibers during contraction and relaxation time schedule. more inforamtion about what is cellulite 

Those who think that this type of exercise that does not feel the need to try to invite me to the next day, Toning electro stimulation retention slight degree by the amount of body fat or by those suffering from this, you can see the effects of different levels    What is certain is that only three sessions, volume loss (and as a result, centimeter) is substantial  It is recommended that the minimum speed of the two weekly sessions   After seeing results in just a week or every two weeks as a maintenance

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