Saturday, 28 December 2013

Remove Cellulite By - Joey Atlas Cellulite Program

With stretch marks that reacts connective tissue in some people to weight fluctuations, pregnancy. According to Joey Atlas Program - Stretch marks are caused by the strong increase of the skin Lack of sports and eating the wrong foods, In other words: Not everyone who is poorly nourished, pushing little sport and will vary in weight, gets it. What is certain however - in contrast to the appearance of cellulite - that even men of stretch marks can be plagued?

So there is a justice of nature. Weak connective tissue promotes stretch marks, the medical term for stretch marks is striate cutis distensile - so overstretched skin strips. Mainly, the ugly gray cracks show where a lot of connective tissue is present: At the neuralgic points belly, legs, and buttocks. Well as on the upper arms and in women's breasts, If the connective tissue weak, it tears easily. In rare cases, a cortisone treatment may be the cause. Prevention of De hung skin. A good protection against stretch marks is sports from an early age. It strengthens the tissue on the one hand and on the other increases the elasticity of the skin and builds muscle. Muscle instead of fat anyway is the best approach to buffing. for  more details visit here

Women with large bust size should always wear a sports bra during exercise to prevent the fabric from tearing through the movement. Also to intense strength training linked to fast muscle building can cause stretch marks. So rather train the biceps with a clever training plan.

The Program “Truth about Cellulite” also acts proper care in specialty products, such as during pregnancy (see picture gallery). Vitamin E with high quality plant oils is a proven combination. Daily massage with sisal glove promotes blood circulation and metabolism - also a preventive measure for stretch marks. Laser for stretch marks Stretch marks are when they have spread over the tissue, small scars.

 With products of the cosmetics industry, it can not be fully creams away, but their appearance can be improved. They act no longer so blue and ugly. Aesthetic medicine offers for the treatment of stretch marks on the abrasion - the scars are more or less abraded. An alternative is laser therapy, with which the stretch marks can be pigmented. For all treatments, the following applies: To 100 percent stretch marks disappear never. Have yourself, therefore, comprehensive advice and switch to prefer the doctor if your promises are big to made. Otherwise you end up giving a lot of money - and the stretch marks are still there.go to my webpage to know about cellulite program 

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