Monday, 30 December 2013

Joey Atlas Program about Evidence of the Benefits of Stretch Mark Creams

There are several studies with Joey Atlas Program for the effect of creams on stretching. Unfortunately, all face the same problem: the study was led by special interests, and often manipulated or misleading as a result.

Fundamental is that the German scientists tried to understand the influence of massage creams and in the formation of stretch marks in pregnant. The survey was pregnant. The group of 50 patients was divided into the 24 treated and 26 untreated creams. The second group develop stretch marks about 2/3 as the first - a little more than one third.

However, an examination leaves doubt because concluded that the majority of patients without stretching are not major change in the weight (less than 15kg), while the other rate of change in the weight is much higher, and remains whether it is leading or massage in preventing stretch marks.
One of the most popular and enduring decades of market active ingredients of stretch mark creams used today is associated with several studies.

In one of them treated group of 80 women, one part with placebo and one with collagen - elastin hydrolyzed and the extract Spark Asia.

56% of the placebo group developed stretch marks, while only 34% of the treatment group has the same problem. That is statistically significant difference in favor of the cream. In other studies (Young, 1996) discouraging results. Of the 100 women (placebo group and one with cream) Research cream actually gives some effect, but to a very limited and statistically insignificant group - women who have been pregnant before, and formed stretch marks, which discourages positive results.visit here

There was an extremely interesting study of the idea of "cocoa butter", but unfortunately all the case studies are unanimous. We will quote one of them In this study involving 210 women, as it successfully completed 175. The bands are again placebo, and cocoa butter.

A statistically, insignificant difference in the formation of stretch marks. Both run about the same Figures and most stretch marks. Means that cocoa butter does not work, or at least its effect is statistically improvable.

We will not have time and opportunity to review all legal studies who and why they ordered and what are the strengths and their weaknesses. Just would like to summarize the researches of small circles patients dominated by the interests of cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies.

Despite the obvious danger of these studies have manipulated the results are rarely very encouraging - the best of what we are witnessing is a 30-40% reduction in cases if you can trust the research, while the danger of the formation of stretch marks remain at more than 1/3 of the patients, which is too large a volume, and still can not be said for the effective prevention or here for more information visit here

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