Monday, 30 December 2013

Joey Atlas Review about Treatment to Emerge Stretch

Treatment after the appearance of stretch marks includes a number of interesting and widely advertised preparations well known on the Bulgarian consumer. One Bulgarian producer has even popularized abroad.
In fact, we have experienced even with "homemade" signs drugs, such as home-made medicine farmer became known under the nickname "Rhodope miracle" and having good efficacy against scarring in burns.
Without dwelling in detail their operation in general often jump in their consideration, and it is simple. They stimulate the tissue to produce collagen to fill the problem areas. This is a great advantage and the biggest drawback of these gels .

Why drawback? Because their idea is obvious; they need a trauma wound that "to make" to tissue repair in a certain way. Eventually would help to new soon formed stretch marks, while old and stabilizing effect will be minimal. They are so designed as post-operative preparations, burns or after spending pattern. Stretch marks, however, rarely have such a traumatic start and subtle in its very early stages, when they are deep in the skin, making their treatment subsequently creams limited effectiveness.
Naturally, these formulations are the subject of many studies. Study was conducted in Germany on nearly 900 patients, of whom 771 were not successfully completed. However, it does not attack just stretching, but rather expected to form scars. Of particular interest are the control groups. They are not "placebo cream", as employed and cream are markers for the most potent known and undisputed agent for the treatment of injuries such as here

The group is divided into such corticosteroid cream, and there are regional divisions: the study was conducted by several dozen independent physicians in different locations in Germany. In practice, this is the "hard" I am aware of the study cream scars, in which the cream is not meeting with fraud and with drug-competitor, and that of the highest echelon.

The result: The test cream is statistically superior in achievement even to corticosteroids: almost double the normalization of the features, combined with a far safer administration and fewer side effects. It works, but as we see, works in traumatic conditions. Study hard and probably there is truth in that and pretreatment would have success.

Study of the effectiveness of such a cream and have a homeland. This is a case study in which 211 patients with burns almost 2/3 were treated with the drug ointment twice a day for several months, and - with alternative formulations. As a result, only 5% of patients with cream given an unsatisfactory result, while other patients unsatisfactory result is multiple of that number.

Some creams seem to work, but this is no reason to attribute their miraculous properties. The effect of old "stabilized" stretch marks are not expected to be miraculous. Moreover, you can see that research is not usually focus on stretch marks, but on sites that are expected to form features such as burns.go to my webpage for more details about what is cellulite 

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