Wednesday, 1 January 2014

How to Get Rid of Cellulite? Cellulite Removal Review

Cellulite is fibrotic change of subcutaneous fatty connective tissue. Due to disturbances in metabolic processes, Cellulite Removal Review proves that, it differs from simple obesity in an unpleasant feature: does not disappear, even if you lose weight and regularly engage in gymnastics. Cause of cellulite can be an excess of female hormones or water retention in the tissues as a result of violations of water-salt balance of the body and narrowing of blood vessels.

Doctors divided into two types of cellulite.
The first type is a mild form; it can be seen only in compression or contraction of the tissues of the thighs or buttocks. There is where the woman is sitting or cross-legged. Fortunately that cellulite is more common and harmless and somewhat affects more women.

The second type of cellulite is called type "orange peel" is noticeable even in a normal standing or lying down. It is much more powerful option, and is more noticeable at first glance.

There are many ways to get rid of cellulite; some of them are more effective than others. The results are individual and each woman must find the best way to get rid of Cellulite herself. There are many natural ways to treat cellulite - caffeine, seaweed, oils such as rosemary or sesame and others.

There are many different products that treat cellulite as special creams and lotions for this purpose. There are the same and many other procedures that can be applied at home or in beauty salons. Mesotherapy is one of the procedures that give better and long lasting result.

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